Are We Ready for A Swingers Club?

We’ve spoken several times about this now, in fact, routinely… and every time we get to the answer “Yes” but then there are complications.

The first, and probably most important is the fact that Jen doesn’t want any other man touching her.  That would be an awkward situation, if someone was a little more forward than she’s ready to deal with.  How sure can we be that she won’t be harrassed?

See for many that might seem like a small problem, but I would hate for our first time at a club to be the last purely because we got the timing wrong, or because the people there expected more than Jen was ready to give…

So I foresee a good night at the club being a watch and don’t touch, learn the etiquette and meet some people to show us the ropes.  Is this too reserved of us.  You see the advantage of trying everything twice is obvious – experience, fun and good times, but occasionally trying once is too much, and twice is a disaster, and this could go either way!!