Marcus – What on earth??

So here we are.  One half of the couple that is Marcus and Jen, Jen and Marcus…  Looking for interesting titbits of information to fill this blisteringly empty blog.  Well, empty except for you and me and these words pouring from my fingertips … well, oozing.

So you should know what we’re about – we’re an open-minded couple looking to learn and experience more in the alternative-lifestyle (I hate that phrase) reserved for swingers, doggers and exhibitionists.  Does that mean we’ll jump in and try everything?  Well, I’m the kind of guy who lives by the notion, “Try everything twice!” however, Jen being a little more cautious and reserved holds the reins, so maybe we will, maybe we won’t…

Here I aim to talk about my experiences, my hopes, things I’m looking forward to, things that interest me, and things that maybe you can help me out with?  Questions I have no answers for, and some answers I have no questions for, like ‘Green.’ – pick a question and it might be the right one.

So, we’ll stop there for now while I work on building the structure of the site, but expect lots over the coming days!  Marcus on a mission, one busy busy bee, ain’t that right Jen?