Playing Lesson … #1

Last week, we had a friend/fb over, my fave friend and my fave play buddy, in fact, she gives a blowjob to die for, has a perfect firm grip, a way of looking into your eyes that melts all of you, leaving her completely in control, and she has a sense of humour that few can match.  So you can imagine that Jen and I love her to bits!  In fact, we’re very very bonded to her.

Unfortunately life details have been in the way a lot over the last few months, so we haven’t had time to play with her, however this night was special and supposed to be something to remember.

I don’t particularly like routine, I wouldn’t want her to walk into the same thing every time, so we managed to empty the house of everyone, and get some time to ourselves, but something felt wrong.  I looked at Jen who was giving me all the signals required to hold off and not pounce.

Then our friend, well, she sensed that something was wrong… therefore I sensed that … yeah you can see where this is going.

Nothing happened that night – however I did get to watch The Conjuring…

Days later and open and frank discussion – we ALL wanted to play, nothing was wrong, we just misread 🙂

Moral of the story – if in the moment you can’t talk frankly and honestly, well, you shouldn’t be there.  Be open, be honest, be true… and fuck like bunnies 😀