What Goes Through Your Mind?

Before I go any further, let me explain that this blog post is a ‘sub-post’, really it is a response to a question that Jen has been begging me to answer forever… so forgive me if it doesn’t have a lovely comfortable beginning middle and ending, but enjoy anyway!

The first time we played with another, my mind was working overtime.  There are so many things to consider, so many hurdles you may trip over, the first being Рis Jen sure that this is what she wants?

I don’t know if you’re interested, or how generic any of these thoughts are, but in this early stage of our exploration into the lifestyle I thought I’d share some insights into my head.

To make things more understandable, I’ll lay the night out in a story, and superimpose Marcusisms ūüėČ

So the night begins much like any other. ¬†We’ve invited someone around, we’ll call her Kitty, she has been chatting to Jen about all kinds of things they’re planning on doing to me – I know that much and little else. ¬†In fact, I only knew that because Jen slipped up and told me so without thinking, slip of the tongue, which she quickly tried to joke her way out of… ¬†Haha, you can’t fool ¬†Marcus!

The night started as normal, everyone was out – the kids were staying at friends, the dogs were absolutely knackered from their earlier marathon walk, that left Jen, Kitty and I totally alone to get on with our night of fun…

I’ll just explain that we never really ‘expect’ anything to happen, if Kitty decided she wasn’t up for playing then we’d have been happy for the night to continue the way it was ‘planned’ to – a movie, some drinks, some daft chat and a laugh. ¬†If play does happen, [insert happy cat face here] yay! lol.

So sitting on the bed, me in the middle, Kitty on the left, Jen on the right, drinks in hands and movie we’ve been meaning to watch forever on the screen, laughing and joking about life and generally having a good night. ¬†I catch a look from Jen that says, “You haven’t made a move yet…”

She’s right, for all we’re as comfortable as we could possibly be, and as relaxed as you could ever want, no forward movements have been made. ¬†My mind skips over Kitty’s flirting, her posture, the way she deliberately ‘accidentally’ touches me when she moves, the fact that she’s leaning in just a way that I could move in and take control whenever I was ready… ¬†Oddly unnerved… ¬†Both Jen and Kitty are waiting for ME to make the move, after all that not so secret planning, Marcus has to step up.

Hold her eye contact, lean forward, kiss her lightly on the lips. ¬†Wait, that’s too tender, I mean, we’re not courting, this isn’t a long term relationship we’re looking at here. ¬†This is early in our playing experience, I hadn’t (and still haven’t) found an easy way to break that particular ice, so I held her eye contact, leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Her hand slides over my waist, pulling me towards her. ¬†I kiss her harder, she kisses back. ¬†My back is to Jen, I wonder what she’s thinking, did she feel that my approach was too tender, was it too … emotional? ¬†Was Kitty thinking the same? ¬†Really I was just over thinking – neither of them commented, nor thought it was when I asked later (that was a slightly awkward conversation to start).

We have an in-built ‘procedure’ whether we know it or not, to go from clothed to naked whilst kissing, caressing and groping the crap out of each other. ¬†With three people the process is much smoother all around! ¬† I don’t know if women realise that us men are dreading certain parts of undressing them… ¬†The bra is often a sticking point, but if you’re laid down, or sat up, removing trousers and knickers from your partner is often a lot more clumsy in practise than you imagine it is going to be.

Butt shuffling, hip wiggling, tug… TUG… oh wait, no Jen has it…. ¬†And there we go, Kitty is naked, Marcus seems to be becoming naked with no effort at all, relief! ¬†I think, the three of us working at undressing each other also takes some of the initial embarrassment away.

While that undressing continues, Jen working the final remnants of my clothes from me, my ‘seduction’ of Kitty continues, kissing down over her chest, across and over her breasts, over her stomach. ¬†Jen’s hands now exploring me, reassuring the part of me that wonders if she feels left out, my attention on Kitty rather than her. ¬†I move further down, kissing past her naval, over her groin, the tops of her thighs, my right arm reaching backward and finding Jen, encouraging her to join us.

The game changes quickly, Jen pushing me down onto my back, Kitty and Jen both taking a side and kissing my chest and neck. ¬†For a fleeting moment the thought of struggling, regaining control, passes through my head, but seriously, two gorgeous women wanting control of me in the best way possible, I throw that thought aside like you would brush at the cobwebs that brush your face when you walk to work at 7am… irrelevant, pointless thought, lay back and enjoy the ride Marcus!

I tried hard to control my reactions. ¬†Goosebumps crawl over me noticeably, they know they’re getting it right, ¬†Kitty moves up, her mouth on mine, kissing deep, passionately while Jen works her way down, her hand already holding my cock, stroking and squeezing. ¬†Kitty is kissing me deeper and harder, her hand following Jen southward, nails trailing over my skin leaving a trail of tingles where the brush of Jen’s lips just were.

My body is a mass of sensations, all good, Jen’s lips find my cock, Kitty’s hands find my balls… She shudders above me as Jen finds her most sensitive point, she’s playing with us both, tasting me, stroking Kitty. ¬†The thought tears through my mind, imagining what she’s doing, feeling Kitty writhing above me, Jen is moaning in that way that tells me she’s becoming increasingly aroused, I thrust into Jen’s mouth, urging her to suck.

Of course now my head is whispering ‘this is going to be too quick!‘ already feeling my balls tightening, the pressure growing in my shaft, I need to do something to ease off a little!¬† Kitty however is as unrelenting as Jen, now kissing her way down my chest, her nails digging into my scrotum as she squeezes, strokes and teases my balls, her hand then moves up to engulf my shaft while Jen’s mouth works the head. ¬†The sensible part of me tells me to try and pull away – seriously, how likely is it that I would?

Now they’re both down there, simultaneously working my cock with their mouths, sometimes taking it in turns, passing it between them, taking turns to show just what they can do with their lips, their tongues, the feeling is fucking amazing and the brief moment that arises every once in a while where stimulation isn’t happening as they change positions keeps me in control a little longer, only a little though.

I know Jen is enjoying every second, the presses her very wet self against my leg during a position change, her eyes meet mine and lock, her smile barely concealed.  She moves in on me once more, sucking one of my balls into her mouth gently, caressing it with her tongue.

Each time one of the girls changed what they were doing it would overpower the sensations coming from the other, I was at the mercy of wave after wave of mind blowing ecstasy whilst clinging to my longevity like it were the very life blood within me… for some parts of me it was.

Teeth! ¬†That made me inhale sharply, Jen nibbling a little harder than normal. ¬†I gasped and laughed, “Heyyy save some for later!”, she bit again, a little lighter,enough to cause a brief stinging pain and nothing more. ¬†Kitty laughed with her, stopping everything to joke for a moment, a moment long enough to recompose myself and try to slow myself down a little.

It wasn’t to be, the pair of them pounced with renewed vigour, Kitty moving upwards once more while Jen carried on working me, squeezing, sucking, licking and coaxing, I’m half distracted, the need to close my eyes, arch my back and thrust into her mouth growing stronger but Kitty was soon kissing me deeply once more, straddling me whilst Jen licked from me to her, sucking me, licking her, tasting her, tasting me,

I kissed back with as much passion, thoroughly aroused, wanting to move on from oral, to penetrate, to fuck. ¬†Of course I wouldn’t last two minutes, so quickly I rolled Kitty over onto her back, carefully ensuring Jen didn’t get knocked off the bed! ¬†That wouldn’t have been a good finish in any sense. ¬†Taking the cue, Jen moved aside slightly, allowing me as much access to Kitty as she had. ¬†Before long we were both once more taking our time to work her slowly, teasingly towards a frenzy.

As I make my way down towards Jen, Kitty begins to writhe, two sets of lips working over her, Jen already going down on her, exploring, looking for that perfect touch. ¬†Feeling Kitty moving below me ¬†excites me as much as their earlier playing, and looking downwards, watching Jen at work, slowly teasing the responses she’s looking for from her. ¬†Now we’re getting to my favourite bit, the two of us working together, sharing our play, sharing each other with Kitty, and Kitty with each other.

My lip meet Jen’s momentarily, pausing for that moment, our eyes meeting, nothing need be spoken, she moves back down, I watch her tongue curl slightly as she licks her, slowly, lightly over her clit and back down again. ¬†Now this, I could watch for hours. ¬†I wait a while, kissing the top of Kitty’s leg, hips, moving to meet Jen’s lips fleetingly, Jen now moving slightly so I can join her. ¬†I taste Kitty, my tongue delving lightly, Jen’s tongue meeting mine, moving back, mine moving to meet hers, then back, hers meeting mine.

Loving every moment, Kitty swears suddenly, raising her hips to allow better access, Jen and I smile together, our tongues moving faster until it’s impossible to synchronise, I move back once more, making my way over her navel, stomach, teasing her nipples one at a time, her body becoming taught, finally I’m kissing her deeply again. ¬†Jen reaches for me, she takes my cock in her hands and begins to work me again, I stop, bite my lip, lift my head and look into Kitty’s eyes, ¬†Jen pulls me over, Kitty’s legs now either side of me, knees at my waist.

Almost from nowhere Jen is unwrapping a condom, seconds later unrolling it onto my cock, prompting me to move into position, guiding me to Kitty’s more than ready moistness. ¬†Jen’s other hand on my back, coaxing me forward, Kitty moves her pelvis to allow my entry. ¬†I push, slowly, only entering slightly, Kitty moans, Jen keeps hold of my cock, working it slowly, trying to coax me deeper by pushing harder on the small of my back.

Once I follow her, pushing slowly inwards, deeper and deeper Jen’s hand releases me, slipping downwards and cupping my balls, caressing each individually, teasing them through her fingertips then holding once more. ¬†Kitty and I establish a rhythm, Jen sitting behind me, reaching under me, carressing me with one hand, and reaching around me, over Kitty’s thigh and carressing, teasing her ¬†clit with her other hand.

This continues a while, each thrust accompanied by a moan from kitty, her pushing back against me, Jen breathing heavier, her gentle carress now much more wanton, much more heavy.  She speeds up her playing with Kitty, smiling coyly as her back arches, her breath begins to catch, her moan becomes louder, she bites her lip, she reaches up, raking at my chest, urging me down towards her.  I move with her, once more looking at Jen to make sure things are okay, which they obviously are.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck” her words uttering like machine gun fire and growing louder with each utterance, head slammed back in to the, legs wrapped around my waist pulling me deeper, deepest. Jen pauses, kitty explodes… I bite my lip, Kitty’s orgasm crushing me in the best possible way…

As her throbbing begins to subside I move once more, slowly, every withdrawal bringing a shudder, hands gripping my shoulders, nails digging into my skin hard enough to draw pinpricks of blood. Jen, grinning contentedly, moves to lay beside her, meeting her lips with her own.

Slowly inwards, feeling her still throbbing pelvic muscles pushing back at me, gripping me. They kiss slowly, Jen relishing every second, and me too of course. Once more I feel the tension building within, once more I thrust, less slow, more deep… Kitty gasps and throws her head back again, this time her nails biting into the bedsheets and Jen, knowing it is time, turns to me, leans up and towards me, whispers, “Yes baby, yes.” before kissing me in her familiar, deep and longing way.

I’m aware now that she’s playing with herself, aware now that she’s also right on the edge and as I release, pinning Kitty and pushing hard against her, my body flooding with pleasure, tension released in wave after wave of bliss, I feel Jen gasp and begin to shudder beside me, she grabs at me and cries out before collapsing back onto the bed.

My own collapse is onto Kitty, who wraps her arms around me, and holds me there long enough to whisper “Wow… okay that was worth the wait, now Jen’s turn…” ¬†I laugh, look at Jen who’s contentedly lounging and nod.

“Oh I don’t know if I …” She starts, Kitty’s index finger lightly covering her lips,

“We’ll give you a minute…”